Guidelines for CP Leadership & Candidates

  • All arguments must be substantive.
    • My opinion, your opinion, their opinion – is lower on the scale of what matters in presenting a perspective or position.
  • Meaning:
    • Arguments must be well considered with research and logic.
    • Avoid and do not take a firm stance based on opinion.

Leadership experience is important but it’s not everything.

  • Meaning:
    • Individuals with a leadership background have a different skill base. This can include military leadership, academic discipline, community leadership, and business leadership skills.
    • However, the CP needs help at all levels. Think about your skills and ability and how it can apply to achieve CP goals in your area.

Keep in mind: leadership is more than a position, it’s a skill that requires humility and consideration; evidence and reason. And yet, it is also a skill that is based on experience.

In the CP we will put together leadership teams. This will help ensure a more careful approach.

To protect the integrity of the Centrist Party effort, the national leadership can suspend/change add or remove State or local leaders if methods and substance of argument is contrary to the fundamental principles of argumentation, evidence, reason and logic based on the ‘CP tenets’ and principles.

In the event that a position is changed for a CP participant, it can be upgraded again based in improvement and adherence to the stated principles.

  1. Three council leaders per State need to be the norm.
  2. Single leaders are allowed when a quorum can not be attained.
  3. Rotating positions based on availability for scheduled meetings.

Evidence, Reason, Logic are our guiding principles and will guide policy and process. We need to be both humble and strong to achieve our goals.